Redefining love

What is love? that is what I’m here to write out and investigate.

Definitions: An intense feeling of affection.

a person or thing that one loves

feel a deep romantic or sexual attraction to someone.

Right away i can see that “love” is associated with sex. I would almost go so far as to replace four letter word love with fuck.

Love sounds like:  ov.oven=burning hot cooking. food. feeding. rhymes with hub-hubby=husband.(marriage) rub like caressing/touching/massaging.

If i project a crush onto someone else.  I can lie to myself that the feeling is real. And even say that it’s “love”.  And we often associate love with pleasure. but it can be painful as well. Especially when we’re not honest with ourselves. It is also associated with emotions as well:  E-motions. Emo-motions = manipulations. Emotional possessions. Emotions, which are generators of the mind-consciousness system that has possessed me in the past and caused me great confusion. Love is also associated with feelings. Feelings are other generators of the mind-consciousness system. Why is it that when people get love they feel positively charged feelings. But then that partner can’t always be there then that person goes into depression or even suicide? Hmmm. Death can also be a dark side of love. For love like everything else has a shadow. A polarity. People say ” I love you to death” One other aspect of love is co-dependency. Complete self-dishonesty. Being so concerned and dependent on partners,friends, and family. Is what I must walk through.

Redefiniton of love: Being self-honest with a “partner” a mindful “relationship” with which the partners support each other to open up and support themselves. A 50/50 relationship based on equality oneness self acceptance, self-forgiveness. and self realization. With which communication is the foundation. Rather than being controlled by and hiding what goes on behind the curtains(inside the head)


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