I was messaged on facebook through the messenger app. By someone i went to school with and who i’d seen about 10 years ago. I was never too close to him.but we were cool. But we were young and in his clique were people i knew. Anyways. He messaged me. we chatted for days then weeks. I was a little excited that someones talking to me on facebook.  So he brought up how a guy we went to school with supposedly posted something directed toward him on facebook. And other classmates liked it. He was basically pissed off at them. and wouldn’t mind revenge as he stated. now i only knew about him from what his friends would tell me about him. That he took anger management classes. that he went to jail for large amounts of pot. That’s why its been so long since we talked. but we were never really real friends. just stoner friends. So. there were red flags with this guy who messaged me. The first one was wanting revenge on the person who posted a fb post directed at him (according to him) he was really making himself seem like a victim of people of fb.  my in-tuition told me not to trust him. So then the second red flag.that made me uncomftorable.if u could imagine.for a second to put yourself in my shoes. He asked if I knew someone I used to hang out with but I stopped talking and hanging out with him.( because i just got tired of getting drunk there and moved ) and i told him the truth i do know him.but i moved and no longer speak or see him. he goes you guys werent talking behind my back at all?   he said how he hates people who act cool to his face but talk behind his back. So he’s telling me that a bunch of people are talking behind his back. But won’t give details or explain. I really didn’t want anything to do with it. however i was a little curious to get details about people i went to school with. He said how he “thinks” the guy i used to hang out with is “involved” but no details no explanation as to why. Like i don’t know what he’s taking about. How can one person telling me to believe there story? be the ultimate truth? im sure theres other sides to it. He claimed people were “hating” on him.. One things for sure he has anger issues. He was getting more pissed off. I tried to not judge him and to just listen to him. I told him that i don’t talk to the old friend nor have i seen him in years. and I don’t even live near the town anymore. And i don’t even talk to anyone from the town really nor on facebook. He vented to me about them.and about others.  He didn’t make a whole lot of sense though. He was a victim. and everyone was against him he made it seem. But it’s like what do you want me to do? take sides?  go against my friend? I didn’t want to say anything about my friend. because a) i dont want to get involved in drama b) i don’t owe him anything c) hes my friend. There was certainly  a hostility present. I  was honestly getting scared. especially when he mentioned a friends name.someone who i consider a friend. we left on good terms. never had a problem and who’s never mentioned this guys name once. Nobody knows whats going on with this guy. because people have lives. I was and am concerned for my friends safety. He clearly said and stated he hates him. He also brought up a guy who is a friend with my friend. Whom i havent seen or spoke to in years.  he kept messaging me even at 6 am and after midnight hours. asking whats’s good? whats’ good? hows it going?   I really felt like i had little privacy and he was just using me he was always messaging me.it was obvious he wanted something from me. So i deactivated my account. Then i activated it a week or so after. He messaged me. Accusing and spewing venom. why have u been avoiding me? he tried calling me on messenger which really make me scared and upped my anxiety. I didn’t know messenger could do that. I refused to pick up.kept calling. saying ducking and dodging? I did not know how to turn off messenger or block him on messenger. he would not stop. me not responding reacting make him flip.like a psycho. he said dont make it any worse than it is. i just want to know about c and t. i know u used to chill with them. your hiding something your lying. you’re being a snake. youre being shady? kept calling.. he said dont say i didnt warn you and after that i just turned off my phone because i didn’t know how to stop messenger. I finally deactivated my account. don’t know why i didn’t want to block him. i guess i was afraid he was gonna make up a story about me blocking him to others. this guy was literally trying to come in between friends. his only aim was and is to destroy.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to tolerate this hostile abusive person

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to allow him to get into my head

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to want to gain information about others behind there back

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to get mad that people are posting about x

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to become worried about my friend.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to live in fear of my life

When and as i see myself going into thoughts relating to this event. I stop and breathe.









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